Out of control? Breast Cancer sucks! Time to get a grip!

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There is much to admire in this book.

… I found scientific information that was …very clearly expressed.
This is a book I would want to have if I were ever diagnosed with breast cancer. That said, I think it was very wise of the writer to include the preface by an actual oncologist: this adds a lot of credibility.

I like the flow charts very much … One question I had … . How will I know what type of cancer I have (for example, Luminal A or HER2+)? Will the doctor tell me? Will this information be obvious in some way, or will I have to ask. What if I don’t understand his or her answer? I had the same questions about the pathology report. How do I get hold of my pathology report if the doctor does not offer it to me?
I was glad for the references…
– Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2017)
I loved this book for all its amazing wisdom, complexities, thought-provoking answers and the driven attitude for finding the right choices.
The author’s own insightful lessons learned will have a positive impact on all those struggling to understand their disease.
–      Patricia Hadfield, Retired Oncology Nurse
Martina has done an exceptional job in compiling the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding breast cancer. I only wish I had this resource available to me at the time of my diagnosis. Being better informed would have eased my anxiety tremendously. However, I’m happy to know that many other women will benefit from this well-researched book, and it will certainly help me to move forward confidently in preventing a recurrence. Knowledge is empowerment, so thank you for that Martina!”
– Nancy Thacker, Survivor

SMART DECISIONS ABOUT BREAST CANCER – choices, risks, living well, preventing recurrence is a powerful health literacy book, “ahead of the curve” with the latest info about breast cancer guidelines and standards, treatments, research, and surviving well.  Includes helpful tools and decision charts to more easily understand your choices (yes, there are choices!) and make good decisions that align with your values as well as the current care guidelines.

Chapters on surgery (what is most appropriate?), chemotherapy (yes or no?); getting through radiation; complementary and alternative medicine; changing standards of care and what is the gold standard; understanding your pathology report; how to determine your breast cancer subtype and recurrence patterns; survivorship; looking good and feeling good; living well, superfoods, and avoiding recurrence; latest research directions and how the immune system works. Also a basic chapter on what is cancer, and how do women get breast cancer, a question we all ask upon diagnosis.

ISBN 978-09687439-1-1

Includes index, and footnotes for sources.

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